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About Me

Whenever Wherever

Whenever wherever a stranger gives you a smile so true,
I'm really the one smiling through them .. at you.
When things are crazy or it's after a party,
Just pick up the phone and tell me about it.
Whenever wherever you are and it starts to rain,
It's me missing you and expressing my pain.
When things are hectic and you want to swear,
Just pick up the phone and I'll be there.
Whenever wherever the wind blows and it moves your hair,
It's my spirit trying to caress you through the air.
When you're feeling isolated and on your own,
Just pick up the phone and your not alone.
Whenever wherever
I'll be thinking of you
Whenever wherever
I'll pour my heart to you
Whenever wherever
I'll be there for you
Whenever wherever
I'll be loving you


Copyright 2003 Victor Miguel Alvarez


Poet's Profile 


I would like to be known as a passionate poet. I try to make

sure that in my poetry i show affection and express how I'm feeling

towards the subject of the poem at that particular time.


This poemWhenever Wherever " was written in 2003.

The Inspiration to this peace is love & faith.

Some times love makes people believe in anything.