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On Your Request 

Its funny how certain people can make you feel,

Good and crazy just by being real.


Then there are those who make you feel real sad,

By neglect and loneliness witch make any one feel bad.


The kind of people you shouldnt be around,

Are the ones who drag your smile into the ground.


And for the people who treasure your every quality

Those are the ones you should keep in multiple quantity.


Oh! But then there are those who rise high about the rest,

They dont feel like heartburn burning your chest.


They feel more like something that you've been waiting for so long,

Something that youll miss right after its gone.


So always be choosy of the company you keep,

And on happy occasion is when you should weep.


So enjoy life to the fullest and remember to be the choosier,

But most importantly get with a winner not with a loser.

Copyright 2003 Victor Miguel Alvarez

Poet's Profile 


I would like to be known as a passionate poet. I try to make

sure that in my poetry i show affection and express how I'm feeling

towards the subject of the poem at that particular time.


This poem " On your Request " was written in 2k3.

And its about friendship.