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A seed that will blossom from plant into tree,
Was planted in soil in the state of Liberty.

Every one in the land gathered around to see,
Of what in earth it could possibly be.

A lily? An orchid? or possibly a daisy?
The thought of it all could drive some one crazy.

Until that day when a rose risen up from its creator,
The land was blessed from the gift of Mother Nature.

12 seasons has now passed and this rose has adapted pretty well,
Although the environment can be sometimes considered as hell.

But things are great when the weather is fine,
plants are gleaming as the sun gets to shine.

Every gardener tries to avoid a roses special day,
When the rose gets picked and is up and away.

When this seed that was planted gets picked and moves on,
There will be sadness and happiness endure from there on.

But most gardeners feel good as if there was nothing wrong,
Because they flashback to the past where she'll never be gone.

My name is Victor Alvarez and i'm a first time father,
This poem that I've written i dedicate to my daughter.


Copyright 2003 Victor Miguel Alvarez

Poet's Profile 


I would like to be known as a passionate poet. I try to make

sure that in my poetry i show affection and express how I'm feeling

towards the subject of the poem at that particular time.


This poem " Life " was written in July-21-2003.

The Inspiration to this peace is the love of my life.

And she is why this peace is so dear to me.