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About Me

Final Day

Today is the last time I'll show you the deal,
I'll use this one final day  to express how I feel.
The love and passion I've been feeling so dear,
Will be rolled up in one for one final cheer.
I've given you my mind, body and soul,
Tonight I'll hand you my heart to control.
You known me from a boy and now to a grown man,
You've been there for me like a number one fan.
I'm going to give you it all, my pain, my sweat, my tears,
Make you realize that I've loved you for nine whole years.
I'm going to cry and let all my emotions hang out !!.
And on that last note.. Finally age out.


Copyright 2003 Victor Miguel Alvarez

Poet's Profile 


I would like to be known as a passionate poet. I try to make

sure that in my poetry i show affection and express how I'm feeling

towards the subject of the poem at that particular time.


This poem " The final day " was written in August-13-2003.

The Inspiration to this peace is a good friend name Shawn,

who in august 7th 2k3 aged out of drum corps,

and made me relive my last year in drum corps as well.

Thanks Shawn