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Tonight you made me feel worm, shiny and new,
Us sharing each other who in their right mind whould have knew.
I guess all this happen for very strong reasons,
I'll remember this night for many more seasons.
Tonight we gave each other's hearts and we fitted like gloves,
Tonight is no doubt that you we're my love.
Your kisses felt soft, gentle and divine,
Tonight I'll always treasure cuz you was only mine.
You treated me so passionate and tonight I was what you're creaving,
You kissed me so hungrily that I was yours for sthe taking.
Caressing your body felt great & everthing my lips touched was heavenly firm,
From your thighs up to your breast, pleasing you was my only concern.
Touching you everwhere was my way to express my mind,
And the way you recieved it I'm sure you wanted to be mine.
It's a dream come ture to me the event that took place tonight,
And before that even had fun with a little play fight.
You bumped your knee and hit your head on the wall,
That was funny but I'll never forget our 18th birth day at all.
You could have been anywhere but you chose to be with me,
I think strong feelings was in the air and with each other we wanted to be.
I better get to the point and be on point blank!
And don't keep you waiting like people at a bank.
What I'm about to say is from my heart and 100% true,
Tonight you made me realize that forever & a day I'll be loving you.


Copyright 2003 Victor Miguel Alvarez

Poet's Profile 


I would like to be known as a passionate poet. I try to make

sure that in my poetry i show affection and express how I'm feeling

towards the subject of the poem at that particular time.


This poem " Tonight " was written in 2003.

The Inspiration to this peace is the 1st time.

well every one remembers there first time.

In this poem i write a tipical 1st time. ( not mines )