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About Me


Blah Blah.. ( And more Blah Blah !! )

My full name is Victor Miguel Alvarez and I was born on

Feb-18-1977 in a small country called Dominican Republic.

Known for its Initials " D.R ".

D.R is located in the Caribbeans and is a country rich of culture

and heritage. Tourist from around the would visit for the 

wonderful Resorts, great people, fantastic festivals

and for the fabulous weather.

On June 1984 My family and I (witch at the time consisted of:

my mother, my oldest sister, and my Twin sister, (yes I'm a twin J)

 immigrated to a place called The Bronx,  or what the locals call

"The Boogie Down".

The Bronx is located in New York City and where to this day I live.

New York City is one of the United States most popular Cities.
known for the statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building,
the historical Twin Towers and the fast paced people.
For sports lovers, N.Y.C is home to great sports teams.
The N.Y Knicks, The N.Y Jets, The Yankees, The Mets
 The N.Y Giants & the N.Y Rangers
I enjoy writing music, producing beats and writing poems.
I like to play Basketball, Football and go Bowling.
I enjoy going to movies, going to parties and chilling with friends.

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!! Happy Birthday !!
Mondel Lindsy (26)
Augs - 11th
Domonique Brown (19)
Augs - 17nd
Darick Kelly (22)
Augs - 18th
Shawn Stensin (24)
Augs - 31st

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 Welcome To August 2005

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A list of some of my favorite movies:
Remember The Tittens
The last Dragon
The longest yard

A list of some of my favorite music:

Two Pac, Nirvana
 Charlie Parker, Eminem
Pear Jam, Duke Eligntion
50 Cents, Linkin Park
80's Freeslty